We're all about details and
personal attention to our clients.  

We know that as our clients, you will desire a wedding day that is flawlessly designed to give meaningful context to your celebration, and executed with exceptional attention to detail. 
We infuse creative direction, years of invaluable expertise, and bespoke artistic design to cultivate a grand vision and ultimately bring it to life with comprehensive logistical orchestration. Part of our process is allowing each client to feel like their wedding is the only one on our radar. 

you've found the right team.  

If you're a bride who wants a curated, unique experience, 

When two people really love to be together, it shows. And we love it.

Practically radiate joy


Showing you your reception space.

The First Look


Lemons and Limes in memory of your daddy’s trees he cherished. 

Personal Touches

We'll never get tired of:



Part of the ATE process is allowing each client to feel like their wedding is the only one on our radar. Our business model is all about details and personal attention to our clients.
We promise to always make our clients feel nothing less than taken care of and loved on. 

Get To Know Us


We Get to know you

Understanding your style and story is the first step in creating your event design. We want to know you: your favorite foods, what inspires you, and how you want to tell your story in the planning process and through each and every detail that you choose for your wedding day. 

We Get to KNow you


Storyboard your style

We know that beautiful events combine a myriad of meticulous planning and memorable aesthetic.

We want impact in the experience.

Your Style


Scout and collaborate

Our team knows that any successful production requires sourcing key players to build a trustworthy and capable team of talented vendor partners. 



Design and Create

With a venue selected, a color palette in place, and a plan for who will work with our team, we get to work to pull all of our concepts and design together.



Scale and render

We love moving from concept to creation.
Mock ups, sketches, scaling  the size of chandeliers, floral instals, and draping are all behind the scenes and where our expertise shines.  This is where we pull it all together and commit to our plan!



Logistic and Negotiations

For any given event, we are planning thousands of details- large and small. Emails, phone calls, meetings, and collaboration with some of the finest talent our industry has to offer.

On average our team devotes 300+ hours to each wedding throughout the process.



The grand reveal

We create a design that  makes your dreams a reality.

Walk Through

Come experience the difference...

With a promise to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every client we take on, we limit our events per calendar year. While every wedding is completely unique, our average client's wedding budget begins at $75,000. We do however, work with all types of budgets, guest list sizes, and needs. We specialize in private residence weddings with logistical challenges and welcome any and all aesthetics.

We unfortunately do not offer day-of or month-of coordination, and vendor referral services. Because of the time and attention required to successfully serve our clients best and a promise to deliver exceptional customer service to each and every client, we accept a limited number of client contracts per calendar year. Please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss your event needs!

Who We Serve